Photographer of the Week #206: Daniel Dorsa

Introducing Photographer of the Week #206: Daniel Dorsa

“I’ve always been fascinated with my home state of Florida. Although it has a surplus of natural beauty, there’s a lot of banality within the state — undeveloped swamps, cookie-cutter housing developments, and strip malls upon strip malls.  A large part of my work comes out of a fascination with discovering the unfamiliar in a place I recognize as my home.

For “Paradise,” I photographed South and Central Florida. As I began to collect more images, I noticed a constant thread of isolation in my work. In addition, Florida is a very lonely place. The state truly owns the idea of just wanting to get away from it all. Visiting home is usually a quiet, secluded time and through this imagery I am subconsciously pushing those emotions up to the surface. “Paradise” will be an ongoing project for me.”

Daniel Dorsa (b. 1988) is a photographer from Florida, currently based in Brooklyn, NY. His imagery is inspired by the playful collaboration between him and his subjects as well as light and place, which shapes the narrative aspects of his works.

For more information on Daniel’s work check out his website.