Photographer of the Week #17: Elizabeth Renstrom

Today we feature the work of Elizabeth Renstrom, who we met a little while back at the annual Parsons Portfolio Review Day. Visceral and ultra bright, her theatrical photos of faux adolescent ephemera and the fetishism they implicate trigger simultaneous feelings of nausea and nostalgia. Images here are from two different series, Waxy Chunks and Lisa Frank Blues.

About her work, Elizabeth says (on her Kickstarter page for a related project – which was funded), “These photographs of sculptural artifacts serve as a commentary on adolescent obsession and worship. I am creating ceremonies and shrines dedicated to disposable culture that was projected on me and my generation during childhood. I make sets and sculptures dedicated to several re-occurring symbols and objects that seeped into children’s media while I was growing up. In many ways, I am inspired by the ways people commemorate similar images on media blogs like Tumblr. These are photos that have become familiar to my age group through constant usage and appropriation, and because of the nostalgia we attach to them.”

Visit her website here for more information: