Photographer of the Week #16: Ame Curtiss

A dear friend of mine and Capricious, talented photographer, and all-around beautiful person, Ame Curtiss passed on earlier this month after courageously battling breast cancer over the last couple of years. In Ame’s memory, we’re dedicating this Photographer of the Week post to her. Ame and her magical dog, Nova, used to visit us frequently in the old Capricious Space on Broadway. We carried her handmade photo books in our little bookshop. Sometimes Ame and I would sit outside the gallery in the sun, with our iced beverages from Marlow, Nova occasionally tugging on the leash in attempt to chase a fly, and have long chats about romance, tattoos, and art. I’m thankful for those moments and thankful she made so many photographs so we can keep imagining the world through her thoughtful, gentle eyes. -Karen, Capricious

Ame Curtiss (according to the bio on her website) “flunked high school photography and didn’t pick up a camera for 13 years. Born with an overly obsessive mind aggravated by a fanatically religious upbringing she eventually escaped into debauchery and the electronic music underground. 6 car crashes and three brain surgeries later Curtiss stole a canon ae1 from her father and hit the fucking streets? Motivated by an intense connection to old buildings, trains, ship yards, graffiti, street people and the overall urban landscape, Curtiss sought to document the last vestiges of an older, marginalized city and its denizens, on the verge of disappearing forever in the unending onslaught of urban development. Embracing craft and eastern notions of the Practice, Curtiss finds meaning and clarity through doing her work rather than thinking about it; seeking instead a raw and empathetic connection to places and people which imbue her photographs with an energy and life force of their own.”

Ame will be missed greatly. To see more of her work or read her blog, please visit these links: