Photographer of the Week #125: Madison Carroll

Madison Carroll is a photographer and aspiring archivist currently living and working in Philadelphia and New York.

“These pictures were taken at the crossroads of desire and monotony. I wasn’t interested in photographing the ordinary or everyday, but rather things and times that felt luxurious or romantic and then started to fizzle out, turn sour or sometimes grotesque.” – Madison Carroll

Carroll’s body of work combines spontaneous documents of private moments of her friends with constructed still lifes in which objects are placed in unexpected arrangements. Carroll’s portraits, almost always of young male sitters photographed in apartments across Philadelphia, depict a soft and vulnerable representation of masculinity. She intimately captures with her subjects as they lounge around their homes, eating cake and partaking in other mundane activities in various states of undress. The still lifes Carroll carefully devises are both enticing and grotesque, demonstrating her strength in finding beauty in the uncanny. Together, Carroll’s photographs function as a collective diary expressing her own perspective on youth, sexuality and desire.

A recent portfolio of Carroll’s cake and pudding pictures can be found in the Trinity Review 128, which is set to release later this month.

To see more of Carroll’s work, please visit her website.