Photographer of the Week #119: Tobias Faisst

Our next Photographer of the Week is Tobias Faisst. Raised in the Black Forest in Germany, Faisst later went on to study graphic design. He is a self-taught photographer currently living between Berlin and Luzern, Switzerland.

“For me, the magic lies in the everyday things that get less attention, where there is still room to discover and explore.” – Tobias Faisst

For this feature, we are sharing work from Faisst’s photographic explorations in Berlin, Germany. Faisst’s photographs function as documents of found sculptures; banal subjects that stand out starkly against their surrounding environments. Through these observations, Faisst presents new meanings to the mundane objects he uncovers. The resulting photographs, however, are left open for complete interpretation, allowing his viewers to make assumptions about the work based on their own personal associations. Faisst’s work demonstrates a rich attention to design, each photograph carefully crafted with a focus on color, texture, and form. When discussing his process, Faisst explains, “The photographs always follow a given structure: graphic image buildup and color precision result in the general framework of the creative work.” This dynamic approach imbues his photographs with a strong graphic quality, observing the relationship and overlap between design and reality.

For more from Faisst, please take a look at his website.