Photographer of the Week #118: Caiti Borruso

Our next Photographer of the Week is Caiti Borruso. Originally from a small bayside neighborhood in New Jersey, Borruso lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She is currently a student at Pratt Institute.

For this profile, we are sharing images from Borruso’s series Whale Creek is Flooding.

“This body of work is about the neighborhood that I grew up in, a sleepy, isolated neighborhood along the Raritan Bay. More specifically, it’s about the neighborhood’s traumas, about tragedy that’s happened down along the water. […] There was some kind of gap left in my life when I moved out, a gap between myself and my family, a gap between myself and this place, and this process has been about bridging that gap, about coming to terms with the change, about paying respect to the beach and its history.” – Caiti Borruso

After a series of tragic events, Borruso returned to her childhood home to make a series of photographs. Her focus was to document change; the ways in which her neighborhood had recently unfolded and the shift in her own relationship to a once connected home. “I started to relearn the paths of the neighborhood, and to find things I had never known before.” Each photograph presents a subject that seems fallen or broken from moments of discomfort and distress. The monochromatic tones repeated throughout each composition portray the feeling of sadness and loss experienced among this bayside community. Burruso’s emotional attachment to the work is one of her greatest strengths in the making of these photographs.

Borruso will be exhibiting photographs from Whale Creek is Flooding at Pratt Photography Gallery at the end of this month. The opening reception will take place on February 29th from 5-8PM. The show will continue through March 4th.

For more of Borruso’s work, please visit her website.